Creating Lead Gen for Economic Development

The Best Way to Create Lead Gen? - Market Your Buildings and Sites On is one of the most visited free access property databases where prospects can quickly search for and map their ideal buildings or sites. Each listing is supported with advanced GIS mapping that provides multi aerial maps, demographic, workforce and local business data, heat maps, Birds Eye views and exportable data reports.

Whether you are in a large MSA or a small rural community FastFacility creates an even playing field when your property assets meet the prospect’s or consultant’s needs by offering:

+ Thousands of available buildings over 10,000 s.f.
+ Thousands of available sites both shovelready and greenfield
+ 20,000 + active listings
+ More than a million visitors per year

Directly to your InBox
E-mail links placed in your listings allow prospects to enquire about further information directly to your InBox. Our exclusive “ping” system sends you real time email notification each time one of your listings is opened and serves as an “advance radar” that tells you when a listing is receiving prospect attention. Quarterly and YTD activity reports provide the traffic on each of your property listings and ranks your most active assets. is supported by aggressive print, online and audience marketing that targets and reaches a high value audience of corporate decision makers, site consultants and corporate real estate executives.

Available Buildings and Sites Drives Lead Gen.
Post your property assets on and let us drive active prospects to your lead gen program.

To open your FastFacility account contact Dennis Shea at or 800.735 2732 x 208 for more details, cost estimate or how to set up your account today.


Listing Total Cost Per Added Listings Base Fee + Max Cost Added Listings = Max Total Cost
1-25 N/A $2500 N/A $2500
26-100 $33 $2500 $2442 ($33 x 74) $4942
101-200 $20 $4942 $1980 ($20 x 99) $6922
201-500 $5 $6922 $1495 ($5 x 299) $8407
501-1000 $4 $8407 $1996 ($4 x 499) $10408
1001-1500 $1 $10408 $499 ($1 x 499) $10907
1501+ N/A $11250 N/A $11250

Based on a one (1) year agreement. Start date begins when first listings appear on the database. Full payment of max total cost for up to 500 listings receives a 5% discount and 7% for over 500 listings. Equal quarterly payments may be made for listings over 500 with no discount. Payment may be made by check or credit card.


FastFacility™ is the best way to promote your available real estate using a fully functional GIS mapping application with a complete feature set and custom branding. Have yours built and up and running within 4 hours. Here are the 18 standard elements included with the system

FastGIS Ultimate

Make the ultimate statement. FastGIS Ultimate™ has everything from FastFacility™ plus the ability to publicly (or optional privately and securely) display an unlimited number of custom layers - parcels, zoning, industrial parks, success stories etc... Here are some of the additional elements available to FastGIS™ users

Latest Projects

Have a look at the latest FastGIS Ultimate projects.

Very Rapid Deployment

FastFacility's Very Rapid Deployment (VRD) can have your existing database listings up, converted and running within 3 days. This includes connecting your FastFacility account to the system and map configuration.

For pricing information please call Dennis Shea at 800 735-2732 ext. 208.

About Us

We approach our projects with strategic and creative thinking. We partner with our clients to create big ideas and digital experiences. And we spend each day doing so by sharpening the tools of the economic development trade.

FastFacility is proud to be working with ESRI Platinum Partner Latitude Geographics in developing the FastGIS platform.



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